Additional Drinks

Enjoy our variety of drink types.

Variety of Choices

black tea

In addition to our traditional fine coffee products, Imperial also offers a wide variety of beverage refreshment products that can satisfy virtually any taste. As the weather heats up, Imperial can stock your beverage station with new age drinks such as Sobe and Amp, flavored and unflavored waters, juice, and pop. As the weather cools down, Imperial can provide herbal teas, hot chocolate, and flavored coffee creamers.

Imperial also features five single-cup options for your staff to enjoy.

They include:

  1. Keurig/K Cup
  2. Flavia By Mars
  3. Douwe Egbert Liquid Coffee
  4. Starbucks ICUP Brewer
  5. VIRTU “Coffeehouse In A Box”
  6. Café Delight Hot Cocoa

So whatever your beverage refreshment needs are, Imperial can provide them to you.

We provide the very best in coffee products in the country.

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