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We will meet with you to develop a solution for your dining program. Everyone has their favorite kind of food. Some prefer a hearty home-style meal with carved meats, potatoes, and vegetables. Others might like a Bistro menu with soups, salads, and lite entrees. A few want to spice up their palette with BBQ, Italian, Chinese or Mexican food.
For all meal preparation, our account manager completes a food production work sheet. This work sheet allows us to track the amount of food prepared and compare it to the amount of food consumed for each item. Then in the future, when we plan your company’s meals or events, we can control cost through reviewing history of a menu item at your location.
Because of the large amount of food we prepare, Imperial can buy at the best price possible. This allows us to pass on to your employee a meal at appetizing prices.
A manager is on-site at your location. An area manager supports your manager on a daily basis and has the director of food service work with you to set expectations and goals for your organization. We all work together.
Your menu is tailored to your employees’ taste and budget. We work with your employee advisory panel to receive feedback on our product quality and budget. We encourage employees to complete our customer satisfaction cards. If an employee is not satisfied, we will exchange their meal or refund their money.

Fresh, delicious, and vending machines aren’t words you see together often. However, Imperial has changed that concept. Through our fully equipped commissary, restaurant quality meals and snacks are prepared daily to stock our fresh vending machines including: deli carved sandwiches, fresh crunchy salads, and vegetable dishes. See our Fresh Food for Vending page.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
All our kitchens have systems in place to assure your food is handled properly throughout the entire receiving, production, and service of each meal item.

Health Department Certification
All employees are certified by the Health Department, which requires training in food handling, workplace safety, assuring food temperature, and sanitation. Managers receive an additional management certification that requires additional education on managing a food service operation safely.