We offer the freshest food and coffee to our customers! Serving Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa, and Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline in Illinois.
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We serve Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, and Rock Island with Vending, Micro-Markets and Fresh Office Coffee!

Who doesn’t want productivity in the workplace? Our culture puts a huge demand on efficiency at work. This is a wonderful concept but it does have some shortfalls. It has created much shorter lunch breaks which gives employees less time to refresh and get the social engagement that can really bring satisfaction at work. In many cases workers only have time for 20-30 minute lunches. This doesn’t allow a lot of time to go out and grab a bite or fellowship with coworkers. This is the problem we at Imperial have worked hard to solve. Imperial offers companies in the Quad Cities the ability to provide a convenient lunch solution for their employees.  Imperial is dedicated to providing the tastiest selections of healthy meals and snack food available. Also, we deliver, restock, clean, maintain and service our snack, food and coffee vending machines.

You can choose one of our snack, coffee, cold food or healthy vending machines for your break room. We will maintain an inventory of the products that customers desire most.


If you desire the richest cup of gourmet coffee in the Quad Cities then look no further. We value the importance of providing our customers with the freshest cup of coffee to start their day. We ship our coffee beans in fresh and roast them locally so you get to enjoy a truly fresh coffee brew. If you are not using our coffee service, please give us a call to schedule a FREE COFFEE SAMPLING!


business water coolers tulsa oklahomaWe also offer quality water filtration systems. Let one of our team members survey your break room and we will come up with a plan to plumb our filtered water machines right into your water supply.


Transform Your Break Room

Give your employee break room a total makeover! Allow your staff the ability to experience the convenience of having an amazing food market at work. Our Quad Cities Micro-Markets are open 24/7 and offer 300-400 food items. We are your one stop shop! Don’t waste your break driving around just to get in line for fast food.

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Large selection! We work with you to serve your employees the food they love.

The Market offers more healthy food items than traditional vending can. This makes eating healthy at work much easier and the variety is amazing. You can even incentivize healthy choices by subsidizing our healthy items for your employees. Maybe you just want to give your employees a discount on sodas. We can help you set that up. This greatly increases employee morale and many companies are rewarding their staff with these type of food allowances to boost productivity and overall workplace satisfaction. This has become a huge focus with the millennial generation. They are wanting to find value in what they do and where they do it. The market can be a tool to help you make them feel appreciated!

We have 200 plus successful markets that our clients love and want to help you be the next!

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