Your break room will never be the same.
vending machine tulsa 9

Dixie Bevmax 4 5800 Beverage

  • Raised cup allowing for more gentler handling of products which reduces foaming.
  • Mounted within cabinet for improved dependability and durability.
  • Numerous shaped packages can be vended without altering the setup.
  • Dual gate design stops product from falling if machine is shaken.
  • Drink trays allow for full 20oz./ 600ml capacity on all trays (360 bottles).
  • Newer cabinet design permits for pallet jack use during installation.
  • Door opens 180 degrees flush to permit it to be placed next to a wall.
  • Big glass door offers better product presentation.
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Dixie 501E Beverage

  • 8 assortments of bottles or cans
  • Double deepness high volume machine
  • Simple field conversions for different container dimensions
  • Dex & MDB compatible
  • Takes dollar bills & coins
  • Several pricing capabilities

Merchant Media Ambient 187 Snack

This machine integrates wireless tracking, touchscreen panels, and incorporated credit card and media display driven purchase, with reputable reliability and cabinet and vending design that has turned Crane National vending machines into a very popular brand among professional operators.  The Merchant series is the first in the industry with 6 selection snack trays, and 12 candy trays, giving them an exceptional number of selections, or a total of 60 in the 6 wide, 7 tray machine contrasting to the old 45 selection vending machines.