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What are the Best Times to Take Work Breaks to Promote Productivity?

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What are the Best Times to Take Work Breaks to Promote Productivity?

You may find that your work calendar does not have much flexibility. A lot of us can work all day and never get close to finishing our to-do lists. According to many experts, small breaks throughout the day can improve our focus and mood levels in the same way that a walk in nature does. Additionally, such breaks will improve your mood. But there are best times to take breaks, and you may be surprised when you find answers for those.


Morning breaks will help you focus. Additionally, you can refresh your energy with fresh Imperial coffee! Caffeine in coffee and tea supplies sustenance and wakefulness that can help get you through that rigorous paperwork.

When you’re in the break room, you can also benefit from some snacks! Healthy snacks in the vending machine will power you up. For instance, a healthy protein bar can make you feel great for the rest of the day.


Lunchtime is the perfect occasion to ENJOY a really delicious meal that is also healthy AND nutritious. As you will begin incorporating more salads and wraps into your diet you will start feeling fabulous. You will no longer feel the need to run down to a restaurant for delicious, but unhealthy food which negatively affects your lifestyle. 

Nothing against eating occasional junk food, but restaurants often have huge portion sizes that can wreak havoc on a sustainable way of eating. Plus, running to a restaurant really eats up the time you have during your lunch break. If you expect the snacks you want around the clock, local convenience is a priority. That’s why Imperial has everything you want in our micro-markets that are on site at your facility. If you don’t have a market in your breakroom then you need to give us a holler.  

Take micro-breaks every 1-2 hours

You can benefit your health by making micro-breaks a part of your day. Make sure to get up and stretch at least once every hour. Taking a little break will improve your productivity. It will also increase your energy. Now if you are doing a project that requires hyper focus then maybe take a break when you get to a good stopping point. You can also enjoy a quick chat with a friend or coworker.

Late-Afternoon Getaways

Around 3pm, it is time to take a breather! A break later in the afternoon could help you power through the rest of your day. Take a walk down the hall. Go outside for some fresh air. Or enjoy a nice treat from an Imperial vending machine. Whatever you do just remember to get the blood pumping and stay energized!

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