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Building on a Culture of Appreciation

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Culture of Goals and Appreciation

Here at Imperial we have a job to do but we also like to recognize our employees for their accomplishments. The employees at Imperial are like a family. Each month, we feature our workers in social media posts and on our breakroom screens. When holidays come around, we host a company catered feast that includes a Christmas trivia game and prizes. 

We cooperate between departments to bring office coffee, vending and micro-market services to Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding regions. We know that a well-fed customer is a happy customer. Our services help your employees stay nourished and on-task. 

So if your looking for a Tulsa vending company then call now to see if one of our services would be a good fit for your organization! We also serve the freshest office coffee in town!


As an employer, it is important to listen to the needs and wants of your employees. Some people want a job requiring one on one human contact while others would prefer a quiet office job.

If you’re looking for a job where you’ll be interacting with people, working as a route driver might be the one for you. As a route driver, you can speak to customers on location and get to know what products they like.

If you are somebody who would rather come into work and do your job without talking to customers, we have warehouse work that could suit you well. In the warehouse, workers pick products for the drivers to take to different locations. We’ve invested in warehouse automation and it can be a good place for someone who wants a less interactive workplace. 

Maybe you want a mix of both worlds. In this case you could work in our office space or join the kitchen or catering team. We have so many different opportunities!

Committed to our Local Community

One of the best things about working for Imperial Vending is how we support local businesses and charities. We like to help local food banks every year by donating literally tons of food. This summer we will be teaming up with Pepsi on a Gatorade promotion to donate the proceeds to The Stonebrook Project.

If you have need of vending machines in Tulsa and want to learn more about micro markets, please call us today! 918-437-1300

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About Us

The Imperial Company story began in 1979 as a one-man office coffee service company serving the Tulsa OK area with annual sales of $30,000. Our founder, Paul Tims soon recognized the opportunity to expand the coffee service into vending services. As a result of much hard work from many great employees, and many blessings, today Imperial employs over 850 people serving Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois with millions in annual sales.

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