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Our customers couldn't be happier with our vending equipment.


We use seed, a wireless service to help us be more efficient and reliable.

Here’s an overview of how it works.

A Cantaloupe seed wireless unit is put into vending machines. That’s when it harvests data from the DEX serial port. Next it sends its information wirelessly to the cellular hub from its antenna.

Getting DEX statistics from numerous machines, the hub is in control for transmitting all the information it receives from the equipment to Cantaloupe Systems home base. Using a collection of cellular technologies to offer maximum coverage, the data is sent via cellular signals.

After the data has been transferred to Cantaloupe headquarters, the data is then encrypted and stored in SQL databases. Then you are able to access any existing or archived information. A multitude of tools are at your Fingertips.

Wireless Technology from Imperial – Cantaloupe Systems

Merchandising will seek to answer some very basic questions…

Who’s shopping the machine? When?

Which categories sell best? In which locations?

What is the sales rate of each product?

How do sales compare to similar locations?

Which products are consistently out of stock?

Which products need to be removed?

tulsa vending machine

Do sales rates change based on placement within the machine?

Which products and/or categories are complementary or competitive?

What’s the impact of adding a second facing of specific items?

When is the right time to rotate products?

What is the impact of new products?

Good merchandising standards will deliver at least 10% sales lift in every machine.