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Create Your Culture

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Create Your Culture

Nowadays, it seems like finding and keeping good help is a difficult task. Offering quality food, refreshments, and a positive work environment can help boost retention rates. Maybe it’s time to explore a combination of a modern breakroom and micro market that offers convenient meals plus a space for collaboration. Working in a fun and happy environment makes people happier and this can make a big difference to their engagement at work. You’ll see an increased sense of belonging which will, in turn, increase the quality of their work.

Keep Your Team Members from Leaving by Creating an Attractive Company Culture

Tulsa break rooms can improve the work environment by promoting a positive atmosphere for staff to wind down for a bit and enjoy a variety of meal options. This makes the breakroom fun. One day you can have spicy chicken wings and the next day a tuna sandwich. If you are wanting to stay on a stricter diet, then go for an Imperial salad or a fruit cup. With a micro-market or vending machines in your Tulsa break room, employees will enjoy a more convenient way to grab their lunch while providing a fun place to hang out.

You can even make your break room more special by using it to celebrate events. For example, have a birthday party or anniversary celebration in the break room. This will make work seem less like work.


Coffee and Conversation

virtu coffee machine

It’s no secret that coffee is popular in the workplace. In fact, it can help improve morale and get the brain moving full steam ahead!

Try a bean to cup brewer in your break room to create the feeling of having a coffee shop right there at work. This will allow employees to enjoy their favorite coffee drinks, with fancy flavorings.


Comfortable Furniture

Comfy furniture will give your break room a warm and cozy feel. Provide different types of furniture, including tables and chairs for eating. You can even get tall tables for those who like to stand and eat quickly. 


Promote Collaboration

People love free food! Why not provide some free items or do a subsidy where they get certain food items at a discount. It’s a great way to get all departments to congregate. You could also have fun events like ‘Free Drink Fridays’ or fund a discount for half price on healthy items. While they are enjoying their drink they may want to sit down in a comfortable chair and shoot the breeze with that other fellow from accounting. This type of daily activity can help individuals feel more connected in an unforced way.


Wellness Programs

Healthy foods can help employees stay energized and productive. This can also decrease absenteeism, because illnesses are less likely to occur when people have good diets. Some popular choices include fruit, cheese, nuts, bottled water, low-fat milk and 100% juices. It’s important to show your staff you care about their health.


Let Make It Happen!

Want to keep your employees happy and productive? Imperial’s break room services can help. We want to meet with you and see if your company meets the criteria for a micro-market. If you are going to remodel your breakroom and need a visual, then we can help you with some ideas by creating a 2d or 3d layout. At the end of the day, we want to help your team create an atmosphere to connect, collaborate and recharge! 


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