Customization for Your Break Room

Imagine a break room that is individually tailored to meet your company needs.

Here at Imperial, clients often ask how a potential market setup will look. To help them visualize it, we create mockups based on their breakroom area. There are several factors that our technicians keep in mind when planning the layout. Some markets only have two drink coolers, while others can fit ten or more. In several markets, coffee machines are set up in the same area. Maybe you want an extra shelf of chips at your market. It’s all very customizable based on the space you have to work with.

Food Options

We can stock your Micro-Market with healthy and nutritious food options, or quick and easy snacks. We have a variety of items to choose from. Do you love salads, wraps, and yogurts? We got that! If you love meat, we have many great options to satisfy your meat tooth!

Many Drinks

Whether you’re looking for a gourmet coffee machine or a cooler stocked with your employee’s favorite sports drink, we’ll keep your employees hydrated.

Your Space

What’s your space like? Let us know and we’ll find a Micro-Market layout design that suits. If you’re interested in a micro-market then please contact us today and we would love to come out and see what we can provide for you!



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The Imperial Company story began in 1979 as a one-man office coffee service company serving the Tulsa OK area with annual sales of $30,000. Our founder, Paul Tims soon recognized the opportunity to expand the coffee service into vending services. As a result of much hard work from many great employees, and many blessings, today Imperial employs over 850 people serving Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois with over $150 million in annual sales.

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