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Good Foods to Eat After a Workout

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Many fitness experts believe the best foods to eat after a workout are a combination of protein and carbohydrates. Studies show protein helps to repair and rebuild muscle tissue, while carbohydrates replenish glycogen stores in the muscles. Some examples of good Imperial post workout foods include:


  • Imperial yogurt with berries and some granola
  • Imperial wraps that include various meats and veggies
  • Rice bowl with grilled chicken. We have several bowls available.
  • A smoothie with banana, almond milk, and whey protein powder. Our Markets offer many protein drinks.
  • A baked potato topped with chili and shredded cheese


It’s also important to stay hydrated and drink water or a sports drink. You can find a variety of electrolyte drinks in our vending and markets.


After a workout, the body’s primary focus is to repair and rebuild muscle tissue, which requires an adequate amount of protein. Eating a source of protein, such as chicken, fish, tofu, or Greek yogurt, can help promote muscle recovery. Additionally, consuming carbohydrates can help replenish glycogen stores in the muscles, which can be depleted during exercise. This can help improve energy levels and reduce muscle soreness.


Some specific examples of what many fitness gurus eat post-workout include:


Greek yogurt with berries and a drizzle of honey: Greek yogurt is a great source of protein, while the berries provide carbohydrates. The honey can be added as a natural sweetener.


A turkey and avocado wrap: Turkey is a lean source of protein, while the avocado provides healthy fats. Wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla, it’s a great option for replenishing energy after a workout.


A rice and black bean bowl with grilled chicken: Rice is a good source of carbohydrates, while black beans and chicken are both good sources of protein. This bowl offers a balance of nutrients, making it a perfect post-workout meal.


A smoothie with banana, almond milk, and whey protein powder: A smoothie is a quick and easy way to get a balance of protein and carbohydrates. A banana provides carbohydrates, almond milk is a good source of hydration, and whey protein powder can be added for extra protein.


A sweet potato topped with chili and shredded cheese: Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates, while chili and cheese provide protein. This dish will help replenish glycogen stores and repair muscle tissue.


It’s also important to stay hydrated after a workout, so visit our vending machines for a sports drink that contains electrolytes to help replenish fluids and minerals lost during the workout.


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