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Needing Caffeine in Tulsa Oklahoma?

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Are the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma coffee lovers? I believe they are! Do you have any idea how many cups of coffee they drink every day? Some drink just one and others keep their cup refilled all day. If a person is interested in knowing how much caffeine they are intaking, they must take note of their consumption and the caffeine item they are drinking. More than three-fourths of the American population begin their day with some form of caffeine. So, let’s check out more of the data we have learned about caffeine.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Division 2015-2020 says that adults can take in 400mg /day of caffeine into their daily diet. Other than coffee, caffeine is also present in energy drinks, smoothies, sodas, chocolate, tea, and candies.

Effect of caffeine on the human body:

American Department of Health and Human Services, 2015-2020 stated that it is important for every individual to understand what caffeine is and how it affects the human body. Let’s be straightforward! Caffeine is a stimulant that energizes the nervous system. The outcomes of this stimulation differ significantly because the impact of caffeine depends upon age, medical history, sensitivities, tolerances, and weight of each person. Although consumption of too much caffeine can have adverse side effects, there are other benefits as well. For instance, caffeine is related to increased alertness and memory, higher mood, improved athletic performance, and increased metabolism.

Tulsa, Oklahoma employees should consider the following two questions before deciding which coffee or espresso-based drinks they can choose.

1st question: Is caffeine present in this drink?

One should have a look at the list of ingredients for determining the answer. The word “caffeine” means that it is synthetic caffeine, like in energy drinks and soda. If the ingredient list contains the name of any plant, such as kola nuts, cocoa beans or black tea, etc., it shows that natural caffeine is present in that beverage.

2nd question: What amount of caffeine is present in coffee?

Several factors can be discussed while answering this question, like the type of drink and preparedness. When drinking coffee, the amount of caffeine produced depends on the temperature of water; the higher the water temperature (hot water), the greater the amount of caffeine.
Another important thing is the number of beans. For instance, more caffeine is present in one cup of cold brew coffee because, in this, 1.5 times more caffeinated coffee is used than traditional drinking methods.
Let’s check how much caffeine is present in an 8-ounce cup of coffee:
• Decaf (0.4 mg/fl oz): 3 mg
• Drip/brewed (12 mg/fl oz): 96 mg
• Instant (8 mg/fl oz): 64 mg
• Espresso (64 mg/fl oz): 512 mg (but having this amount of espresso isn’t good for health)

Break Room Office Coffee Service in Tulsa, OK

In Tulsa Oklahoma, employees tend to enjoy both coffee and energy drinks. It’s not uncommon to have a cup of coffee for breakfast and an energy drink at lunch. Have you noticed what kind of caffeinated drinks are provided at your place of work? If you do not feel like there is enough variety, please give Imperial a call today and we can discuss what we can do to fix that! Call 918-437-1300.

Imperial also provides a vast array of cold beverages, snacks, and fresh food. We can help create the ultimate breakroom experience for your employees.

So, do you want to upgrade the coffee service in your office or enjoy a new menu for snacks and refreshments? Call today or make an appointment to visit our office. 1-877-437-1373

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