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Switching from a vending machine to a micro-market

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The value of switching from a vending machine to a micro-market

Are your employees bored with repetitive snacks at meetings? Do they take longer breaks between snacks to get something more substantial? Vending machines are great and offer a very needed service. The only downside is the variety of snacks in a vending machine can fall short for employees at a large office or warehouse space. The answer to this problem is a newer concept called a micro-market.

We can convert your vending machine service to a micro market if your business is in any of these Oklahoma areas: Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Stillwater, Muskogee, Lawton.

Explain what a micro-market is.

A micro-market is a tiny convenience store that brings fresh food and beverage options into offices. It gives office employees the option to look around and choose a food option that will give them better calorie nutrition. This type of vending service was developed to give office workers a larger variety of options when searching for something to eat at the office. Offices that use micro-markets will not only save employees a lot of time but also reduce the amount of junk food they eat in their break rooms.

Contact us to find out how we can start the process of switching you over from vending machines to a micro market. We service the following cities in Arkansas: Russellville, Fort Smith, Springdale, Harrison, Mountain Home.

What do micro-markets bring to the table for your business? Here are some benefits of introducing micro-markets into your office space.


Quick & Fast

In the corporate environment, call centers are often very costly because of the need to pay for employee benefits and to provide a high-quality, efficient service. However, in this era of “on-the-go” workers, a company can save money by allowing employees to have access to snacks as work tools and even meals! This type of vending service can provide different kinds of snacks or meals to your employees as well as other items like beverages.

Eat different types of foods and have more drinks

The advantages of grab-n-go style micro-markets and beverage coolers include that they offer more variety available because they are easily operated. Grab-n-go markets also permits healthier options, such as salads and wraps. Imperial has its own kitchen so we make our food fresh! 

If you’re wanting to try out a micro market we also service these cities:
Amarillo, Texas
Davenport, Iowa
Morrison, Illinois
Joplin, Missouri
Springfield, Missouri


Don’t need to service your equipment

No matter how much time, money, or effort we spend to fix our vending machines, they will still jam, freeze, or just not work due to normal wear and people vandalizing or being hard on them. With micro-markets, these issues will be a thing of the past. You can take our phone numbers off of our speed dial because micro markets almost require no maintenance to function. All we need to do is keep them stocked with the food you love!

Make payments simple

Unlike traditional vending machines that require coins or newer crisp dollar bills, micro-markets allow for payment in a variety of ways. Cash, mobile pay, credit cards and debit cards are all accepted at micro-markets.

It may be time for you to look into a micro market and keep your staff healthy and more motivated to work. 

If you have vending service in Tulsa and want to learn more about micro markets, please call us today! 918-437-1300



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